German rail strike boosts the domestic road transport


Erkrath, 2015-05-08 - TimoCom's transport barometer shows the effect of the strike. The freight share has increased continuously from the beginning of the week. At the moment, the ratio from freight to vehicle space of German domestic transports is 80:20. In other words: per empty lorry there are four loads needing transport.

Many companies have already changed their transports from rail to road. In the beginning of the week the automobile manufacturer BMW declared a reorganization of their logistic due to the upcoming strike. To secure the supply chain during the strike needed goods were moved from rail to road. A BMW spokesman explained to the "Dow Jones Newswires" that they are in contact with planners already.

The transport barometer reflects the current situation within the European transport and logistics sector. Europe's biggest transport platform makes a wide variety of data available every second. The up to 450,000 freight and vehicle offers daily in TC Truck&Cargo® from over 100,000 users are evaluated for the transport barometer and reflected in near to real-time.

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