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TimoCom continues on the road to success with Dimotrans

Lyon / Dusseldorf, June 7th 2013. The multimodal transport and logistics group Dimotrans, a major provider of international transport logistic services in France, wants to further expand its market position with the aid of the freight exchange operator TimoCom. In April both partners signed an agreement to continue and intensify their Europe-wide cooperation.

Established in 1980, the Dimotrans group has been a client of the IT service provider since 2005 and carries out worldwide transportation of partial and full loads. In addition to central domestic locations, it operates representative offices in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Asia.

The freight exchange allows users to choose from a big European pool of providers. Marco Fusco, European Network Director Dimotrans, sees the main advantage in avoiding unladen trips on international routes: "Our users benefit from a big European pool of providers of services for transnational transportation. For us, TimoCom is an ideal partner, as the native speaker employees support us on the road as well as with daily scheduling work."

Fusco sees a further advantage in additional features, such as the trade directory TC Profile® and the route calculation program TC eMap®, both included in the freight exchange. TC eMap® allows users to look up transport costs from A to B or control identity of new business partners through the web-based trade directory. In case of reasonable doubts about the identity of a business partner, the TimoCom Identify service provides further help, says Fusco.

For Marcel Frings, TimoCom's Chief Representative, Dimotrans group is a true flagship customer and represents the growing commitment of French transport companies seems to be gaining an increasing foothold on the international market: "While the French used to focus on other freight exchanges with regard to international business, we now see that French transport service providers increasingly choose TimoCom. The international freight and storage offers, the new warehousing exchange and the many further extensions to the contracting platforms are decisive reasons for this development."


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