Fruit meets Information Technology

How the European export market leader of avocados, Frutas Montosa, optimises business with the TimoCom transport platform


Frutas Montosa from Malaga produces avocados, mangos and guacamole and is the market leader of avocado export in Europe. The company founder Luis Montosa saw a business opportunity and future in the subtropical fruit 35 years ago.

In the 80’s the company started the production of avocados and mangos on the Spanish, subtropical coast. First with domestic sales and then eventually international. Today, Frutas Montosa sells 18,000 tonne of avocados and 7,000 tonne mangos per annum and is the market leader of avocado export to the European market.

Fruit + IT

The company exports 75% of the whole production to Europe and often Frutas Montosa needs more vehicle capacity than they have themselves. This is where TimoCom, Europe’s largest transport platform, comes in handy. On the TimoCom platform, Frutas Montosa finds extra transport providers from the large network. The company has daily 200 pallets with avocados which need to be transported to domestic customers and pan-European.

The avocado exporteur does have a large network built up themselves, but still it is not large enough to cover all across Europe. This is why TimoCom has become an indispensable tool for Frutas Montosa’s daily work to find new transport providers for the extra pallets of avocados. This infographic shows the history of the avocado and its way to Europe in the past and nowadays.  

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