CSC Freight ApS transports empties with TimoCom

Recycling - a bottle's diary


A bottles diary - from the party to the recycling bin, the transport to the recycling station and then on the road to refill. 


What a night! I've been out with friends for a birthday dinner. 
We met a handsome Irish fellow called Jameson, and an absolut cool Russian whose name I can't remember.  With that many guests you are empty quickly and then you are ignored. But the next party is coming soon and bottles like me are recycled up to 8 times.



We really popped the corks last night. And this morning is really bad. Standing here in a corner, dry and freezing cos some idiot took off my label. It's about time someone takes me to the recycling area. Hopefully Claus from CSC Freight sends out his drivers tomorrow. He is managing more than 1600 loads of empties for Danbottle Recycling A/S. Not bad for a one man business.



There is nothing cooler than a road trip with CSC Freight vehicles. Really nice to see all those familiar faces again. Danbottle takes care of us so we can be at our best at the next party.  Over 60 people work for them in Glostrup, Holeby, Randers and Vestbjerg. They take care of everything: before, during and after the transport. The whole thing! 



The other day I read that 5% of bottles do not survive the recycling process. It's actually not that much. Just imagine being thrown into a container, put onto a truck and then transported to a warehouse where you're are dumped. But those drivers from CSC Freight are real gentlemen. They know how to treat a lady.



I really need a shower. Great that they are taking us to the bottle cleaning company with which Danbottle Recycling A/S works. There they scrub and clean us really well. Old Johnnie Walker always says it feels like a car wash but I like to refer to it as our hammam. After that I feel like a new born.



Today is a goodbye. Most of the bottles have to go back to the countries where they are filled, such as Spain, Italy or France. Brandy told me that CSC Freight always organises its international return transports with TimoCom's TC Truck&Cargo®. After all, it is the market leading freight exchange platform in Europe where you can find up to 450.000 freight offers! No wonder CSC Freight ApS works with TimoCom - even a no one like me can understand why. 

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