Clever solution: Geoliner Trucking & Transport uses TomTom via the freight exchange

Transport companies save time and win business partners with TC eMap®


Dusseldorf, 2013-09-27. "And I don't have to install anything else? Can I track my vehicle via TimoCom using the same password I have with TomTom? ", asks Mr Kitay, managing director of the transport company with the same name. "Of course! That's the great advantage of TC eMap®. You can even view different telematics systems at the same time if, for example, you have subcontractors," affirms Smahan Dahmani from TimoCom.

The Country Manager explains to the customer that he doesn't have to switch between different applications for his various transport jobs any more. With the new TC eMap® a tracking solution has already been linked to his freight exchange. Vehicle localisation with TomTom Business Solutions will be simplified since the same access data is entered directly in TC eMap®. "We have been using telematics for a long time, but together with the freight exchange things are noticeably easier which saves us time", says the managing director and makes an appropriate comparison: "The freight exchange is the cake and Tracking is the icing on top"

GPS data not automatically visible to all users
Since its foundation in 2008, the company based in Eindhoven has continuously expanded its business. Despite the growing internationalization, availability should not come second to last. "When entering a vehicle offer in the freight exchange we already highlight that we can be tracked at any time if an order is placed with us. That gives the customers more security which leads them to opt for us instead", says Kitay. The GPS data is not automatically visible to all users. "Everyone can determine who can monitor the relevant vehicle and for how long, such as for the duration of an order", explains Dahmani.

Information flow is optimised
Via the Tracking solution not only protracted telephone calls disappear but the whole flow of information between those involved is optimised. While the hauliers can concentrate on their own work, the freight forwarder can always see where the freight is. Upon request the business partner receives up-to-date and reliable information which in turn creates a good basis of trust with the service provider.

By now, TC eMap® has over25 interfaces with different telematics providers and TimoCom is already in negotiation with another 50. Dahmani recommends customers to test this product: "The market will continue to develop in such a way that someday no-one will get around using GPS." Geoliner Trucking &Transport BV has already recognised the signs of the times and has even printed a Tracking symbol on its truck curtains.

You can also find further information about TimoCom and Geoliner Trucking &Transport BV at www.timocom.co.uk and www.geoliner.net

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