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2 million messages have been sent using the TimoCom Messenger


Erkrath/Germany, 2016-03-24 - Starting in November of last year, TimoCom's Business Messenger is on the market, simplifying daily business communication for more than 110,000 users on Europe's largest transport platform. A total of 2 million messages were sent using the new communications tool in the four months after the launch.  Proof that personal trends work well as business models - 'The chat is quicker than the telephone' has also made it into the business world.

„Hi! That new movie comes out on Thursday.  Do you want to go see it this weekend?" A quick text message saves time, there is no need to spend ages on the telephone. And that is true not just for personal lives and free time - increasingly, it is clear that it also works well for business communication, and is particularly useful in the fast moving world of transportation, where instant reactions and availability make all the difference. This is the reason why TimoCom introduced the TimoCom Messenger to the transport industry at the end of November last year. From the beginning, the Business Messenger has optimised closing contracts within the freight exchange, as well as offering a variety of other useful functions. So a total of 2 million messages were sent using the new communications tool in the four months after the launch.


The TimoCom Messenger - quick, secure, simple

With help from the Business Messenger, users interested in a particular freight or vehicle offer on the transport platform can contact the supplier directly with one simple click. The advantages of an offer-related messenger service are obvious: the supplier knows instantly which offer the message is related to, and can react immediately,  doing away with long explanations previously required on the telephone. Once an agreement is made, the message history can be saved locally as a PDF or printed for security purposes, providing additional documentation. Not only that, users can always rely on the fact that TimoCom Messenger partners are verified: only TimoCom customers have access to the platform and the communication tool. And of course, the Messenger is subject to the German Data Protection Act, and is designed to comply with its strict data protection guidelines. In other words: All messages sent using TimoCom are encrypted, and there is no risk that third parties can access the chat dialogue. Synchronisation across devices is another excellent feature. When the user logs into the TimoCom platforms through a tablet, smartphone or another mobile device, all contacts and message contents are reloaded once more. Thus, the user can access the platform and the Messenger at any time and from anywhere, and is no longer in danger of missing out on business opportunities. In addition to closing deals, networking is a very important aspect of the transport business. Quite apart from business matters, the general chat function allows users to get or keep in touch with selected business partners.


Not only that, Messenger users can look forward to new, helpful functions this year: "We will be using customer feedback regarding the TimoCom Messenger to continue to improve its functions. That means forgoing gimmicks, as we are mainly interested in offer-related communication on the exchange. For example, users will have better options for managing contacts" explains TimoCom's Chief Representative Marcel Frings.

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