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Al Pack d.o.o. counts on TimoCom's freight exchange


Erkrath, 27.08.2015 - Since the beginning of 2014, Al Pack d.o.o. has been using TimoCom's freight and vehicle exchange TC Truck&Cargo® to find suitable return loads. This makes the packaging manufacturer a perfect example how cargo owners can benefit from the transport exchange.

On the road to TimoCom

Al Pack d.o.o. is a Serbian packaging company in Subotica. This is where their management is located, as well as their production facilities and their own transport department with eleven vehicles to export the produced goods. The company was founded on 1 September 1994 and currently has 180 employees. One of them is Roland Rudinski, head of the logistics department. He is responsible for the logistics management and some of his everyday working tasks are the handling of imports and exports, driver scheduling and finding return loads. The latter is immensely important.

"For many years, our vehicles drove back empty after unloading, all the way through Europe," he says. When Al Pack d.o.o. became aware of the consequences they had to find a solution, quickly. "At this point we wanted to reduce our transport costs and play an active role in the international transportation of goods. This is why we decided to use TimoCom's freight and vehicle exchange TC Truck&Cargo® which helps us avoid empty runs," Rudinski explains.

Their decision makes sense as 65% of all produced packaging materials for various industries are for export.


One platform - many advantages

For more than a year, Al Pack d.o.o. has experienced the advantages of TimoCom's transport exchange and they are highly satisfied, "The benefits of TC Truck&Cargo® are its simple and uncomplicated quote listing, the opportunity of working with new logistics companies, the reduction of total costs and the additional quotes. Moreover, the freight and vehicle exchange helps us find close-by back loads," Rudinski adds.

And that's not the only compliment: "One more very special advantage about working with TimoCom is their employees. No matter who you talk to, their employees always make a professional impression. They are very friendly and make an effort. And they also fulfill all the requirements. This should be mentioned."

Al Pack d.o.o. is a good example to show how quick and easy additional quotes can be generated and empty runs avoided with TC Truck&Cargo® - and it's not just for road hauliers and freight forwarders.

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