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New toll in Belgium for HGVs


2016-03-07 - On 1 April 2016, Belgium introduces the new toll system Viapass and therefore leaves the Eurovignette-joint. The most important changes: It will be more expensive and more complicated. The times when you could buy the EUROVIGNETTE via a mouse click online or get one just at the filling station for €8, these times are over. Not only costs will rise but also the number of toll roads and vehicles. Belgium is a very important transit country for Western Europe and that is why, in double sense, you cannot avoid it. 

Who is not informed loses time and money

Belgium's new toll system will be completely electronic and calculated depending on the route via On-Board-Unit (OBU) which has to be installed in every toll vehicle. An OBU can be purchased over the internet on Satellic.be or at the service points by paying a deposit of €135. To receive the OBU it is necessary to give proof on gross vehicle weight (GVW) and emission class of the registered vehicle. Only exception: UTA customers with a multibox for Spain/France/Portugal only need to register their box for Belgium as well. The toll will be captured over toll bridges which have been installed across the country. With them, not only the toll will be calculated but also information on weight, distance and velocity will be transmitted. The new toll system featuring the EETS-technology has been chosen because a toll for cars can be introduced quickly, also in other countries. Those who do not follow the new rules and who are controlled, will pay. Every violation of it will be fined with €1000. Marcel Frings, Chief Representative of Europe's largest transport platform TimoCom has some advice for companies with many vehicles: "Transport companies should order and install the OBUs all at once and not leave it to the driver at the border. The queues at the few service points could be very long in April."


10 important information points for the new toll system Viapass in Belgium

Starting 1 April 2016, all vehicles with a GVM of more than 3500kg have to pay a toll on Belgian motorways and national roads. It does not matter if it is a private or commercial vehicle.

1. Starting 1 April 2016, all vehicles with a GVM of more than 3500kg have to pay a toll on Belgian motorways and national roads. It does not matter if it is a private or commercial vehicle.

2. All toll vehicles have to have a working On-Board-Unit (OBU) of Satellic installed. The system is responsible for collecting the toll.

3. OBUs can be purchased on satellic.be or at the service points for a deposit of €135.

4. The OBU can only be registered for one specific vehicle and it is not possible to use it for another.

5. Transport companies should order and register OBUs all at once to avoid possible mistakes and long queues at the service points.

6. In order to receive an OBU at one of the service points, the GVM and emission class need to be in the vehicle documents or need to be proofed with a document of identification of the retailer.

7. If the registered toll vehicle has different trailers, it is always the vehicle with the maxium GVM and/or most axis which has to be entered. Although the price difference seems unsignificant, the penalty for each mistakes cost €1000.

8. If you decide to get an OBU at one of the service points, do not select the fast registration. In this case you do not receive a receipt for the reimbursement of VAT.

9. Toll fees vary in the regions of Flanders, Wallonia and Greater Brussels. In Greater Brussels, a kilometre is charged with more than 20 Cents for a lorry of the EURO-6-norm.

10. All necessary information can be found at Viapass and also in four languages on Satellic.be or live and competent on the phone: 00800-72 83 55 42.


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