Anniversary year – time to draw a balance


Düsseldorf, 28th of June 2007 – TimoCom Soft und Hardware GmbH looks back upon 10 successful years ! In this time the company has swiftly progressed from being a start up venture to become an established medium sized company. TimoCom’s future also looks promising: The new online version of the TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO® freight and vehicle exchange is the market leader across Europe ! Futhermore, the introduction of new features and products shows that the driving force at the heart of the company is still very much alive.

Going out with a loaded vehicle but coming back empty. This is a nightmare scenario for every planner – after all empty running is costly, unprofitable and environmentally unsound ! To help combat this a team of experienced systems experts and freight forwarders came together in 1997 and transformed a budding idea into reality at exactly the right time: The development of a software via which achieving a balance between freight and vehicle space is no longer simply wishful thinking. TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO® was born – meanwhile Europe’s leading freight and vehicle exchange !

Since its market launch TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO® has been a success story ! After ten years the company has 148 employees and in 2006 achieved a turnover of € 23,3 million ! Currently more than 67.000 users from 44 European countries use this helpful tool in order to optimise their planning, entering upto 172.000 freight and vehicle offers daily – trend growing !

Jens Thiermann, General Director of TimoCom Soft und Hardware GmbH stresses “This anniversary confirms that our strategy of placing the customer at the centre of our efforts is the right one. We are always open to user suggestions ! As a consequence they receive a solution tailored to their individual needs with which they can optimise capacities ever quicker and more efficiently !”

As market leader it is no longer possible to imagine the transport business without TimoCom. As Europe grows ever closer freight volumes will continue to grow and the need for modern technology will become ever more important ! TimoCom will remain a pioneer in the future and continue to cosolidate its lead over the competition. Jens Thiermann: “We are always on the move and ideally positioned in the markeptplace to continue growing.”

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