A safe bet: Business via TimoCom’s freight and vehicle exchange!


Düsseldorf, 16 March, 2009 – Bad paying customers can threaten existence of a company, especially in the current economic climate. In the freight industry everybody is aware of the issue of defaulting customers! It follows that freight and vehicle exchanges need to offer more with an eye to quality than a simple "message board" forum. TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH’s market leading freight and vehicle exchange has come up with an intelligent security network to provide customers with a quality product - the exchange TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO®.

For many carriers a freight and vehicle exchange has become an indispensible tool. It allows freight forwarding and haulage companies to optimize their capacities. Some companies are lured by free or cheap freight exchange offers. This is an ideal situation for “black sheep”. TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH conducts a thorough check of all its members! Before new customers are allowed access to the TimoCom database their solvency is examined in-depth. TimoCom gathers information in advance regarding a company's business, economic situation and debts. Apart from this type of credit analysis, the experience and reputation of a company are also taken into consideration in the overall assessment. As a special customer service, the freight and vehicle exchange offers European customers the security of an in-house debt collection office. TimoCom lawyer Alexander Oebel comments: “The customer's best assurance is an exchange that offers a high level of security. The trustworthiness of its members is the key factor for the security and quality of a freight and vehicle exchange. If you want to do business, you have to be able to rely on your partners. Therefore, we always check to see whether a company has been in existence for a while and shows sustained business success. Potential customers do no gain access to our exchange, unless they have been in the market for at least six months."

TimoCom’s quality control does not stop there. Once a company joins the exchange TimoCom keeps an eye on the customer’s payment moral, solvency and general business conduct. Additionally existing customers are asked to report any unfair exchange activities and practices immediately. Members who do not abide by the rules and/or do not pay legitimate outstanding debts are quickly excluded from the programme!

Apart from credit checks and customer controlling, the TimoCom security system includes consistent investments in the latest IBM and Oracle technologies. TimoCom customers have access to an exceptional high-tech platform that allows them to work quickly and safely. Another key security element in the TimoCom system is the fact that customers do not access the freight exchange via a combination of user name and password, which could be found or hacked by third parties. Instead, you download a personal security identification called TC Login. Once TC Login is installed and enabled on your computer, you have convenient, authorized access to the system. This makes unauthorized access impossible!

And even in the unlikely event of a natural disaster destroying TimoCom’s computer centre at our German headquarters, a full back-up system is already in place! Its location is far enough away to ensure that the freight exchange would still work with its usual high quality standards! However, this worst-case scenario is very unlikely. Alexander Oebel: “Our motto is 'Trust but verify!’ Our customers know that, too! They are in good hands and benefit from the reputation that their membership is similar to a seal of quality. We are proud of this, and it motivates us to keep our customer quality standards at the highest possible level.“


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