TIMOCOM 18.03.2020

Free switch to home office use

FreightTech company TIMOCOM enables its digital logistics system for location-independent work during the corona pandemic.

FreightTech company TIMOCOM enables its digital logistics system for location-independent work during the corona pandemic.

The corona virus has already had a major impact on many business processes, public life and the economy. Shopping sprees have been going on in many countries for several weeks. It is of great importance that supply chains are maintained, in order to continue the necessary production processes, replenish inventories, deliver goods to the retail stores and thus make them available to consumers. These logistical challenges must be overcome in the current situation for a secure supply of products.

Find freight and vehicle space at short notice

TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System is used to processing up to 750,000 freight and vehicle space offers every day. Over 130,000 users from over 43,000 certified companies are already using TIMOCOM services to expand, improve, strengthen and increase logistical capacities and resources. As a pioneer in digitalisation and companion for the networking of European logistics, TIMOCOM now provides all users the possibility of switch to home office, location-independent and free of charge. The offer includes switching to mobile devices.

Free switch from business access to home office use

To do this, the IT company is lifting the IP restrictions on user licences, so that after the switch, every user can also access the digital applications and services from their private home office. The switchover can easily be done by downloading our software on your home office device and log in with your TIMOCOM ID. Over 5,000 users from across Europe have already made use of it, including large corporations that are currently changing to home office operations. Companies now need uncomplicated and immediate solutions such as those from TIMOCOM, which help to keep the current situation in logistics under control.

"Our goal is to ensure that the logistics industry in Europe remains fully capable of acting," said Tim Thiermann, Managing Director of TIMOCOM: "We work on this 24/7 with around 600 employees in Europe."

You can find more information about TIMOCOM at www.timocom.com.

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