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It’s no secret: how TIMOCOM’s freight exchange rose to success

Plan successfully with TIMOCOM's freight exchange

The freight exchange – the start of German IT service provider TIMOCOM’s success. The spot market, in which freight to be transported meets available vehicle space, remains the heart and soul of TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System. A high degree of security, plus multiple available languages and functionalities within the freight and vehicle space applications will continue to guarantee its success for a long time to come. Over 45,000 European transport & logistics as well as commercial and industrial companies put their trust in TIMOCOM, remaining loyal to the brand and awarding the company prizes over its 23 year history.

Capacity optimisation and secure order assignation for verified partners

Up to 750,000 international freight and vehicle offers are uploaded by users to TIMOCOM’s freight exchange each day. These offers might encompass full or partial loads and usually have to be transported quite quickly. Companies can use the freight exchange to avoid expensive, environmentally unfriendly empty runs.


Data security is a top priority, both for IT service providers such as TIMOCOM and for all other companies and partners involved in the logistics industry. Data protection is essential for customers planning business operations, which may involve digitally processing and exchanging sensitive data on companies, goods and vehicles.


TIMOCOM guarantees data protection for their customers by

  • complying with the GDPR
  • hosting data at data centres in Germany, certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001
  • transferring all data via encrypted SSL connections



Data protection is important, but how do you find reliable business partners?

Anyone wishing to access TIMOCOM’s System or freight exchange must undergo a thorough verification process before they can join. For example, companies generally cannot access the System until they have been on the market for a minimum of six months. That means that anyone offering freight on the freight exchange has been verified as a legitimate business, as have all the potential partners bidding on the transport job.


You can find more information on the TIMOCOM Securit Net here.



Multilingualism secures the flow of goods and information

All Smart Logistics System applications are available in 24 European languages, connecting companies from 44 European countries. Language barriers between freight exchange users are not an issue, because each user can select the language they prefer in their settings. The companies interacting on the freight exchange can therefore concentrate on the substance of the transport order.




Freight exchange functions

The scope of the freight exchange is always growing, thanks largely to our excellent conversations with TIMOCOM customers. We develop functions based on what our customers want and save companies valuable time on the spot market.


Some freight exchange functions include:

  • information on transport routes, delivery dates, and freight and vehicle space characteristics
  • filters such as Closed User Groups (CUGs)
  • parallel searches using a variety of search criteria
  • notifications for new offers
  • automated creation of legally binding transport orders sent to your business partner
  • connection to the routes & costs application


The user interface is not just available in multiple languages, it is also intuitive to use. Just as they do when deciding on functions, TIMOCOM actively involves their customers in interface design via testing and surveys. The main goal is to create practical usability that closely mirrors dispatch work processes. The spot market moves fast, so an intuitive user interface is essential for connecting freight to vehicle space.



Curious? Then try the Smart Logistics System, including the freight exchange, for up to 4 weeks free of charge and with no obligations. 

Try the freight exchange free of charge



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