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Process your transport orders directly in TIMOCOM’s Road Freight Marketplace, together with your business partners. Digital processes allow you to communicate quickly and save additional time during data acquisition. As all orders are automatically translated into the relevant language, there are no language barriers, which saves you time. Not only that, all data is clearly displayed in one place, unlike other communication channels such as e-mail.

TIMOCOM also guarantees high levels of data security. The information remains secure internally and protected from unauthorised access. All servers are located in Germany and thus subject to German data protection laws. All information remains in the country.

You would like to use the order management feature for quote requests?

Your advantages:

  • Entirely digital order processing helps optimise communication
  • Increase security with legally binding contractual documents
  • Overcome language barriers by automatically sending order documents in your business partner’s language
  • Personalise your transport orders with your company logo, your company’s transport documents and an order number generator
  • Save time by creating templates for recurring transport orders
  • Use your personal statistics to help make future business decisions
  • Increase efficiency by using the transport orders interface to connect to your transport management system

Digital order handling

Both business partners have the opportunity to easily manage their transport orders and keep an eye on the order status digitally from a central location.

Assign and manage transport orders for your vehicles in the Smart Logistics
Quickly view and record transport order data

Speed up processes

Quick data collection saves you significant amounts of time. Why? Your systems will be closely connected to TIMOCOM’s freight exchange and quote requests applications. Copy and template features, as well as intelligent auto-propogate functions, ensure that you can quickly and simply enter all relevant transport order information.

Simplify analysis

Use our analysis feature, which can be individually adjusted to suit your needs, to analyse business partnerships and company figures. It can help you find key figures for your future business plans.

Analyse business relationshipos and transport orders directly in the System
Easily monitor transport order processing with integrated tracking functions

Monitor transport processes

Tracking shipments has never been easier. Both business partners can monitor the progress of their transport order, reducing the need for constant communication.

Optimise your business processes with digital transport orders!

As a transport customer, you can assign transport orders to your business partners digitally via TIMOCOM’s Marketplace.

As a service provider, you can react to transport orders directly in TIMOCOM’s Marketplace by accepting or declining them digitally.

Use the transport orders application in the Smart Logistics System.

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