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The complete process in the Smart Logistics System

You process your transport orders directly with your business partners in the TIMOCOM system. The digital process enables you to communicate quickly and also save time when entering data. As all orders are automatically translated into the relevant language, there are no language barriers and there is no loss of time here. Another advantage is the clear display compared to other communication channels such as e-mail.

TIMOCOM also offers you the accustomed high data security. The information remains secure internally and protected from unauthorised access. All servers are in Germany and the German Data Protection Act therefore applies here. All information remains in the country.

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Your advantages:

Quick communication thanks to digital processing

Mutual assurance with a binding contract document

Transport orders in your national language

Personalise transport orders with the company logo, documents and an order number generator

Use templates for recurring transport orders at any time

Use statistics to form future business decisions

Simply process transport orders digitally

Both business partners have the opportunity to manage their transport orders clearly and can keep an eye on their status - digitally from a central point.

Simply process transport orders digitally

Save time smartly

Quick data collection makes it possible to save a significant amount of time. The reasons: close integration with our freight exchange and the quote request. Our copying and template functions and intelligent auto-completions ensure that all information from your transport orders can be recorded quickly.

Save time smartly

Prepare evaluations and analyses smartly

Analyse business deals and figures with our analysis functions, which you can adjust to meet your individual needs. It can help you find key figures for your future business plans.

Prepare evaluations and analyses smartly

Keeping an eye on everything

Track shipments easily with our tracking feature. Both business partners keep an eye on the progress of their transport order which helps to reduce lengthy communications.

Just keep an eye on everything - overview of the progress of your transport orders

Customers report

Optimise your business processes with digital transport orders!

As a transport customer, you can assign transport orders digitally to your business partners in the TIMOCOM system.

As a transport service provider, you can react to transport orders directly in the TIMOCOM system by accepting or declining them digitally.

Hosted in Germany - Data security at TIMOCOM

We treat your information with special care! Which is the reason TIMOCOM carries the quality seal "Hosted in Germany": Data are hosted in Germany and therefore subject to German law - to be exact, to the German Data Protection Act, which is one of the strictest in Europe.

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