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View your transports at any time

The powerful tracking solution combines all common telematics systems in our Smart Logistics System. You can view relevant positional data in a clear bundled form. You no longer have to switch between various applications. Not only that, the extra transparency provides you with increased security during the entire transaction.

Your advantages as a telematics provider:

Many telematics providers are connected via an interface

Your customers have access to functional added value within the vehicle and freight exchange

You can connect free of charge to our interface

Stay on top of things

View all transports on a single map, with all all common telematics systems combined in our Smart Logistics System. Or use the freight exchange to find suitable freight close to your vehicles, and calculate the route to get there.

Tracking– always know at any time where your shipments are

Share smart positional data with the transport customer

Reduce the need for extra communication and save valuable time, by temporarily sharing positional data with your transport customer . As the transport customer, you always know where your shipment is and when it will be delivered.

Tracking– stay on top of things

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