These are the key benefits for your company

Avoid empty running

Always find suitable additional loads or new freight for your return journey. Get the most out of your trucks at all times. At a time when there is a shortage of HGV drivers, you and your trucks are more in demand than ever.

Flat rate

Fixed fee, maximum benefit: there are no hidden costs or extra charges with us – just complete transparency. The monthly fee gives you access to our wide range of applications and services, which you can use without limit.

Freight exchange demo

Find jobs that match your specifications in seconds, with up to 1 million freight and vehicle space offers daily. Find out more !

How TIMOCOM helps road hauliers solve difficult challenges

Avoid empty runs and fill your job order books easily

Avoid empty runs and stay fully booked

Find the best route to your destination and calculate the exact cost

Optimise your routes and costs

Manage transport orders centrally and digitally

Manage transport orders centrally and digitally

Save time, money and nerves with centralised data processing and digital management of all transport orders. Communicate with all your business partners easily, quickly and in 27 languages. This helps avoid errors and misunderstandings, which in turn automatically optimises processes.

Frachten dank Live-Sendungsverfolgung immer im Blick behalten

Offer vehicle tracking

By sharing your vehicles' GPS data with your customers, they know where their goods are at all times. This fosters trust and positions you as a trustworthy company. It also reduces inconvenient phone calls about the truck's whereabouts.

The TIMOCOM International Debt Collection provides fast, Europe-wide debt collection support in 27 languages.

We help you with unpaid invoices

Over 55,000 customers in our international network already rely on TIMOCOM

Timo Keunecke, founder of Keunecke Transporte GmbH

"As the maize harvest often varies due to the weather conditions, our trucks are sometimes empty. With TIMOCOM we are able to quickly find customers from industry and trade and achieve full utilisation of our capacity". 

Timo Keunecke, founder of Keunecke Transporte GmbH


The monthly flat rate for the use of the TIMOCOM Marketplace depends on the number of users, the minimum contract period and the payment cycle. Select the right offer for your company in our shop and start optimising your transport and logistics processes today.

TIMOCOM is a neutral provider of a digital marketplace where freight and vehicle space can be offered by its more than 154,000 international users. TIMOCOM does not procure any orders itself. It provides a platform – the Road Freight Marketplace.

It is necessary for all TIMOCOM users to have insurance coverage for their transports when using the marketplace. If you haven't already done so, getting insured is now easy: Goods transport insurance can be purchased with one click in the freight exchange for any freight posted. All the necessary information is taken directly from the freight offer. For this purpose, TIMOCOM works together with the insurance company SCHUNCK GROUP.

The TIMOCOM International Debt Collection service is your efficient accounts receivables management partner. The service acts as an intermediary across Europe in 27 languages. Late payments are rare among our customers. This is because we carry out background checks on all new and existing customers. If, however, a delay in payment should occur, you can rely on the competent and professional support of our debt collection service team. You can rest assured that your claim will be handled quickly, cost efficiently and without having to resort to court proceedings, so that a delay in payment does not turn into a dispute. Fairness and understanding ensure that your business relationship will remain in tact even after the collection process. You can hire the service easily and conveniently online.

Payment terms are negotiated between the companies themselves.

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