These are the advantages for freight forwarders

Reliable business partners

The TIMOCOM Security Net stands for transparency, protection and competence in business relationships. We take great care to ensure that our members meet certain requirements in order to provide you with a high level of security. All users undergo a comprehensive check before signing the contract.

Simple, time-saving process management

From planning to execution to invoicing, the TIMOCOM Marketplace offers you complete transport management under one roof. In this way, you can use your valuable time effectively and increase your turnover.

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Find jobs that match your specifications in seconds, with up to 1 million freight and vehicle space offers daily. Find out more 

How TIMOCOM helps forwarders solve typical challenges

Freight forwarders can find tenders for regular transports

Find tenders for recurring transports

Forwarding Agents use the TIMOCOM Marketplace to post and find transport jobs.

Offer freight or vehicle space on our freight exchange

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Vehicle tracking – a win-win situation

By sharing your vehicles' GPS data with your customers, they know where their goods are at all times. Not only does this build trust. It also helps you keep track of your shipments.

Find the best route to your destination and calculate the exact cost

Get the exact route to your destination and calculate the exact costs

Route planning and calculation is often a challenge. Different types of vehicles, restrictions on heavy goods vehicles as well as toll roads all have an impact on the route and thus also on the transport costs. With TIMOCOM, you can determine the route of the respective trip directly from a freight offer, transport order or a tender and calculate the resulting travel and ancillary costs.

Manage transport orders centrally and digitally

Manage transport orders centrally and digitally

Centralised data collection and digital management of all transport orders allows you to communicate easily and in real time with all your business partners in 27 languages. It improves the efficiency of your processes by reducing paper-based work, eliminating misunderstandings and duplicate entries. You have access to all relevant information at all times, enabling you to make decisions faster and share them with your business partners.

Over 55,000 customers in our international network already rely on TIMOCOM

Patrick Andres, andres Logistics

"With the TIMOCOM Marketplace we can search for or offer vehicles throughout Europe and thus avoid empty runs. If, in rare cases, there are defaulters, TIMOCOM's Debt Collection service is there to help".

Patrick Andres, andres Logistics


To give our customers the level of security they expect, companies wishing to work with the system must meet certain requirements. Access to the marketplace is usually only possible after a company has been in business for 6 months. Before the contract is concluded, certain business documents are checked – this varies depending on the type of company. How quickly you have access to the marketplace depends on how quickly you submit the required documents and on the current requests. Access can be granted in a matter of days. No IT system changes are required.

The monthly flat rate for the use of the TIMOCOM Marketplace depends on the number of users, the minimum contract period and the payment cycle. Select the right offer for your company in our shop and start optimising your transport and logistics processes today.

The TIMOCOM Transport Barometer shows you the current situation of the supply and demand of freight and vehicle capacities on the road transport market. Data is available for country routes in 46 European countries. The transport barometer helps you to plan your schedule more efficiently and keep an eye on changes to the market. It also offers you reliable data that you can use to negotiate and calculate prices.

Prices are negotiated directly between the business partners.

TIMOCOM is a neutral provider of a digital marketplace where freight and vehicle space can be offered by its more than 154,000 international users. TIMOCOM does not procure any orders itself. It provides a platform – the Road Freight Marketplace.

Payment terms are negotiated between the companies themselves.

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