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Plan more reliably at work

With help from the route planning and cost calculation feature, you can directly determine the corresponding route and estimate the resulting transport and additional costs from within the freight and vehicle space application.

Your advantages:

Plan routes designed specifically for your vehicle

Calculate your transport costs with individual rates including displays for toll roads (in km)

Save your vehicle location in the route planning and add the cost of getting to the loading location to your transport price

Display of road works and traffic delays as well as UTA petrol stations, garages and DocStops

Plan your route

Here you will see a graphic representation of the optimal route for your order. The route will take any potential restrictions for your vehicle type into account and highlight toll roads along the route.

Plan routes with a map view in TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System

Calculate costs

Use route settings to adjust the calculations for your route individually to meet your needs. This allows you to precisely plan and calculate route costs using your individual rates.

Use route settings to select options and calculate the cost of the route

Use routes & costs in the Smart Logistics System now.

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