Carriers can use TIMOCOM Live Shipment Tracking to send and exchange relevant information regarding shipment status to their business partners in real time. Data protection is our top priority, which is why you and you alone decide which telematics data you want to share, and how long you want to share it for. We are committed to protecting your data, and strictly adhere to GDPR standards. Now your work can be simpler, more efficient and more profitable.


  • Choose who to share your telematics data with
  • Shipment tracking data can also be shared with customers who do not have a TIMOCOM membership
  • Maintain transparency regarding transport progress at all times with status updates
  • Live Shipment Tracking is part of the TIMOCOM Marketplace, and is very easy to use.
  • Optimise digital transport communications by integrating the feature into your TMS

How you benefit:

  • Save time by optimising your communications
  • Reduce conflict potential in the event of supply chain disruptions by proactively informing your transport customer
  • Provide more information to your freight provider
  • Improve the quality of the service you offer to freight providers, with simple but effective steps, such as providing a transparent ETA. 

The most important Live Shipment Tracking features:

Automated status notifications

Automated status notifications – triggered using Geofencing – keep transport customers and service providers up to date, with no need for manual data entry.

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Say goodbye to guessing games. Our tried and tested truck routing system calculates arrival times at the loading and unloading dock.

Configurable notification system

Predefined messages will be sent in the case of unexpected events or changes to order data, providing more time to make decisions.

Digital document management

Delivery notes, accompanying documents, photos of any damage and other documents can be easily uploaded and viewed by all participants.

Compatible with 286 telematics systems

Share GPS data from your vehicle with your freight provider: you decide how much and what information they will receive.

Shipment tracking for everyone

We also offer a variety of access methods for business partners. Use the service via an API, external link, web browser or WPA.

Discover the TIMOCOM Live Shipment Tracking feature for carriers

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