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All System interfaces

Interfaces are more important than ever for the transport and logistics industry. After all, they speed up work processes, making them more efficient. One example is TIMOCOM’s freight exchange interface. The interface allows you to use your own logistics software to search for and offer freight and vehicle space in the freight exchange, part of TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System. No double data entry, no need to switch back and forth between programs. You have access to more than 50,000 potential business partners and save time and money.

Freight exchange

Our freight exchange interface allows you to access the freight exchange, part of TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System, from your own logistics software.

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Transport orders

The transport orders interface allows you to send and receive transport orders easily from your own logistics software with TIMOCOM’s Smart Logistics System.

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The tracking interface allows you to keep an eye on your goods using your own logistics software.

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Success Story: TIMOCOM, InfPro and Quehenberger

Logistics triumvirate: cooperating to implement intelligent interfaces

TIMOCOM and translogica support Quehenberger Logistics as they automate their transport processes

The FreightTech company TIMOCOM has been a pioneering innovator in the logistics industry since 1997. Their goal: to optimise and automate transport processes. While continually expanding the Smart Logistics System, the IT and data specialist is also always working to improve their three interfaces, also known as APIs. Increased efficiency is the most important advantage offered by the freight exchange, transport orders and tracking interfaces; they save time and money as well as streamlining processes, and are therefore an asset to any of TIMOCOM’s 50,000 European customers who choose to make use of the interfaces at their company by connecting them to their transport management, ERP or telematics systems.

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Are you a logistics software provider?

Become an interface partner and offer your customers

access to the Smart Logistics System, via a permanent connection

the entire TIMOCOM network, independent of their IT environment

time savings and further functions via a single user interface

a chance to find new business partners and transport orders from well-established companies

the possibility to act digitally to fulfil customer requirements

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