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The market leader among vehicle and freight exchanges

Act quickly and efficiently on the spot market with the TIMOCOM freight exchange. Whether service provider or transport customer: here you can find the business partner you are looking for. Your advantages: you profit from new business opportunities, increased turnover and fewer empty runs. Take advantage of our special offers for courier express package services (CEP) or use our transport barometer app to find freight and vehicle space whilst on the go.

Easily find freight

Up to 750,000 international vehicle space and freight offers are uploaded to the freight exchange daily, by over 135,000 users from across Europe. There really is something for everyone. Regardless of if you are a freight forwarder, dispatcher or a company working in manufacturing and trade.

Freight exchange - find freight easily

Quickly enter vehicles

As a service provider, you can use the user friendly vehicle entry section to enter vehicle space offers with information on vehicle type, volume/weight, date, current location and destination of the vehicle. This way, you avoid both empty runs and unnecessary costs. Potential transport customers can contact you by simply clicking the offer.

Freight exchange - enter vehicles quickly

Offer freight smartly

You can find and assign all types of goods using the freight entry and freight summary section. Describe your shipments's size, type, weight, origin and destination with as much detail as possible. This makes it easier for those searching for freight to find exactly what they need and you will be contacted more quickly.

Offer freight smartly

Securely select freight

Use the detailed view in a freight offer to find more information on the selected freight. By clicking on the offer, service providers are shown your contact information and can contact you directly.

Securely select freight

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Freight and vehicle exchange

Up to 750,000 international offers daily Don't be satisfied with anything less.

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Closed User Group (CUG)

Companies and associations have the option of creating closed user groups in the freight and vehicle exchange. They work as a type of freight network within the freight exchange and are also a lucrative business network.

Group members place their vehicle and freight offers in the CUG, where it is available to members only before the offers are published on the open freight exchange. This way CUG members have early access to information in comparison with other companies and can find suitable offers more quickly.

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August 2019 - Europe's leading freight and vehicle exchange by TIMOCOM has been awarded the BME seal of approval for "transport procurement".

Seal of approval: BMEnet awards TIMOCOM's freight exchange with the quality seal
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