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Your business partner works with us

Networking with the right business partner is essential for logistics. Which is why the TIMOCOM system offers a first-class, neutral logistics network that you can use to complete your orders. Using digital provision of documents (e.g. EU licence, company registration, insurance details etc.) simplifies the process, as there is no need to send them back and forth via e-mail and fax.

Easily find business partners

With over 45,000 verified companies from across Europe, you are sure to find the business partner you are looking for. Provide frequently requested company documents in your own company profile, or view and download documents from other users using the up and download feature.

TIMOCOM company profile, screenshot

Create a smart profile

Gain a competitive advantage with a detailed company profile and draw the attention of potential business partners. In turn, view user profiles and take a close look at Europe’s transport and logistics landscape and expand your business opportunities.

Screenshot: Company profile - create a smart profile

Secure information

The more services you offer, the more attractive you are for potential business partners. Here you can list all transport facts, providing comprehensive information on your areas of expertise. All documents you upload are securely encrypted, so there is no danger of misuse.

Screenshot: Company profile - secure information

Keep an eye on things

The routes you have covered are entered in the ‘countries served’ category and can be viewed easily. Potential business partners discover your range of services. Quick and easy.

Screenshot: Company profile - keep an eye on things

Network successfully with other companies!

As freight forwarding or transport company you present your services and can be found by potential and lucrative business partners.

As a company from manufacturing and trade you get precise information on the transport and logistics field in Europe and quickly extend your supplier pool.

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