The security net at a glance

Ensuring that our System is secure and protected is very important to us. So we carefully verify both new and existing customers and offer you, the Smart Logistics System user, a variety of additional security services.

Secure access to the Smart Logistics System at all times

As a TIMOCOM customer, your secure access to the System is granted via an individual security access key. Once your account is activated, you will always have simple, authorised, secure access to the Smart Logistics System.

The same high security standards apply even when accessing the Smart Logistics System via mobile app. An individual PIN grants you access to your personal Smart Logistics System account and allows you to work with all System applications.

Your advantages:

  • You receive a personalised security access key for desktop applications
  • Easy, secure login
  • Mobile System access via app
  • Access only for authorised users

One of our biggest strengths – Technical security

The TIMOCOM Security Net includes consistent investment in the most modern IBM and Oracle technology. As a customer, you have access to the Smart Logistics System, which allows you to work quickly and securely.

There are no unpleasant surprises with TIMOCOM: two geographically separated and independent data centres with the highest level of security ensure you can work round-the-clock. Even in a worse case scenario, the servers are always available thanks to a complete backup system that ensures the Smart Logistics System will continue to provide the quality you are used to.

As an IT specialist, TIMOCOM offers:

  • This is an embedded image
    Certified and energy efficient data centres
  • Secure transmission of data thanks to the encrypted SSL connection
  • 24/7 monitoring and operating with own IT department
  • Multiple redundant internet connections
  • Powerful firewall and multi-layer anti-virus systems


Strictly regulated access to the Smart Logistics System

Business with TIMOCOM – transparent, clear, competent. In order to provide our customers with the level of security they expect, companies that wish to work with the System have to meet specific requirements. More than 156,000 TIMOCOM users are already in good hands when it comes to security. Our strict access protocols mean that becoming a TIMOCOM customer is now a mark of quality.

Secure in the spot and contract market

  • Access to the exchange is generally permitted after 6 months corporate existence
  • Authentication of important business documents before conclusion of a contract
  • Verification of every new customer
  • Permanent customer monitoring even after conclusion of a contract

Together for your rights

Unfortunately, not everyone pays their invoices on time. If this happens to you, TIMOCOM’s international debt collection service is here to help. They take action quickly and without complications and find out whether or not you can expect to receive your money. Another advantage is that all international customer care is carried out by native speakers of the language in question.

The international debt collection service also has an unexpected and valuable side-effect: the majority of companies who want to join the TIMOCOM Network are reliable and trustworthy.

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Play it safe by checking in advance

Our job is to ensure our customers can use the Smart Logistics System efficiently and securely every day. Since transactions are carried out directly between the parties involved, commercial due diligence must be exercised by everyone.

Check your business partner's identity:

  • Request that your business partner send you a print-out of the relevant offer from the Smart Logistics System. You can immediately check whether they have legitimate access to the Smart Logistics System.
  • Have a look at your potential business partner's company profile. With the document feature, frequently requested documents should have been uploaded to the profile for identification purposes.
  • Compare the information in the uploaded documents with the company's information in their company profile.
  • Compare the contact person's details, for example, whether name, phone number and e-mail address are identical to the data in the company profile.

Should you still have reasonable doubt about the potential business partner after performing this check, TIMOCOM Identify will assist you in identifying your potential partner.

What you need for an identification order:

  • Print copy of the offer from the System, sent to you by your potential business partner
  • Copy of the documents uploaded in the company profile and/or company documents received from the business partner
  • A fully completed order form listing the reasons you are concerned

E-mail or fax the completed documents to TIMOCOM:

A free comprehensive check by the TIMOCOM Identify team should be completed within a maximum 5 working hours. You will receive a written answer – weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

What you can do to keep your business clean

With the innovative, multidimensional security net, TIMOCOM ensures that your business runs smoothly. You can also increase your own security significantly with simple means and measures. Here are some tips which can help.

Fighting freight theft together

Fighting freight theft together

Check supply chains and eliminate weak points

Five corporations and institutions have collected their expertise and offer all companies and drivers in the transport business active support along the supply chain.

The goal: to raise awareness about the risk of freight theft, develop practical prevention strategies and actively provide support for implementing security measures.

Throughout Europe, freight theft costs a total of more than eight billion euros. Late or missing goods shipments often lead to production losses and order cancellations. HGV drivers are particularly at risk. Every fifth theft involves an attack in which a driver’s life is threatened.

Without concerted prevention, there is a danger that the number of thefts carried out by well organised criminal organisations will increase. The following institutions and corporations have come together at various points along the supply chain in order to support the affected companies and drivers.

  • The Landeskriminalamt (State Police) in Lower Saxony
  • The Verband für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft Norddeutschland
    (Association for Security in Economy Northern Germany – VSWN)
  • Teleroute and TIMOCOM, market leading freight exchange providers
  • HDI-Gerling Industrie, with years of experience as an insurance broker for industry and transport

Risk-prevention strategies can be implemented in a variety of areas, for example:

  • depending on the type of load and the route, companies should use an appropriate vehicle equipped with a security system. In general, ensure that the vehicle is safe and in driving condition.
  • Transport information should not be exchanged when unauthorised third-parties are present. The smaller the number of information carriers, transport participants and interfaces along the supply chain, the lower the risk of data misuse.
  • Drivers should find fenced in and lit rest stops and parking spots, particularly for longer breaks and overnight stays. These parking spots should be prioritised during route planning.
  • No unauthorised third parties may travel in the truck during the transport. The transport should be tracked at all times, so that the driver and the control centre are always in communication.
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