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We have the digital solution for your transport quote ­requests!

Simply create transport quote requests, including all important information on your freight, and then receive quotes from up to 50 of your business contacts, actively selected by you.

Using the consecutive group of recipients function, you can now select various groups of recipients that will receive your request one after the other on a schedule set by you. Afterwards, you can choose to automatically publish your quote request in the freight application, where it is visible to every user in TIMOCOM’s network.

Finally, review the prices on offer and select the best service provider for the job. With a single click, all other providers receive a cancellation notice and your transport quote request can be transformed automatically into a transport order containing all the information from your request, which can be sent to your service provider via TIMOCOM’s System.

Once the service provider accepts the transport order, a mutually binding legal contract is established. This process allows you to manage your shipments digitally, so you always know precisely what is happening.

Process quote requests together with your business partners directly in the Smart Logistics System and manage them centrally within the System.

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Your advantages:

Transport quote requests in your national language

Use templates for recurring transport quote requests at any time

Use statistics to form future business decisions

Receive e-mails for all transport quote requests sent to you

Request quotes digitally

A simple user interface allows you to input all pertinent quote request data quickly and easily.

Simply process transport orders digitally

Request quotes from providers

Save time by collecting preferred service providers into groups of recipients and sending quote requests to up to 50 carefully selected providers simultaneously.

Save time by requesting a quote from up to 50 service providers of your choice at the same time.

Keep an eye on things

As soon as you have sent your quote request to the selected business partners, the request will automatically appear in the summary under "Active". There you can see all current quote requests.

Compare the price of the offers and choose the best service provider

Application details

Discover how to manage orders digitally in TIMOCOM’s Update Pool. The Update Pool is available 24/7 with information on all Smart Logistics System applications.

Everything at a glance

What customers say about the quote requests application

Dittrich Eiltransporte GmbH, Oliver Stiller

“We can assign orders up to 60% faster with TIMOCOM’s System. We simply use the form to add and send all the information. We do not need to wait for any e-mails with a particular letterhead, or insurance confirmation, we just do everything online.”

Oliver Stiller
Dittrich Eiltransporte GmbH

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WEMAS Absperrtechnik GmbH, Stefan Watzlawek

“It takes much less time for us to prepare and create orders. And the real advantage for us is that TIMOCOM’s System saves all of our freight orders, so that we have all the information in a central location in the event of an audit.”

Stefan Watzlawek
WEMAS Absperrtechnik GmbH

Success Story & Video >

Optimise your business processes with digital quote requests.

As a transport customer, you can receive information on availability and prices faster by sending your quote request digitally to a variety of business partners at the same time.

As a service provider, you can increase your turnover by submitting a quote for the quote requests you receive, and increase your chance of receiving additional business.

Hosted in Germany – Data security at TIMOCOM

We treat your information with special care! Which is the reason TIMOCOM carries the quality seal "Hosted in Germany": Data are hosted in Germany and therefore subject to German law - to be exact, to the German Data Protection Act, which is one of the strictest in Europe.

Use the quote requests application in the Smart Logistics System.

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