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TimoCom – The market leader among Europe's freight and vehicle exchanges!

We move Europe!TimoCom – We bring freight and vehicle space together

IT provider to the transport and logistics sector

TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH is an IT service provider to the transport and logistics industry Europe-wide. Our business areas are just as international as our employees. With a team of more than 400 employees from over 30 countries, we develop technology and services, which make day-to-day business more efficient and productive. Whether it be hauliers, freight forwarders or shippers – all companies involved in transport benefit from TimoCom's products. Together with the European market leading freight and vehicle exchange TC Truck&Cargo®, TimoCom offers further business solutions for the transport industry. For example TC eBid®, the online platform for Europe-wide transport tenders and TC eMap®, a planning and calculation program for transport companies with an integrated tracking function. TimoCom's success story began many years ago.

In April 1997, a few months before the beginning of the transport exchange, the freight forwarder Jens Thiermann was searching for a European-wide procurement platform for transport jobs. But none that met his requirements were available at the time. Thiermann concluded by developing his own freight and vehicle exchange. The very next day it all began: freight forwarding business went on as usual during the day. After work and at the weekend he pressed ahead with the development of TC Truck&Cargo®.

After the freight and vehicle exchange had been launched, the objectives set were achieved faster than expected and thus after a short period of time plans were made for further products. The implementation of these plans began in autumn 2009 and TimoCom took the next big step towards the company's development: the launch of TC eBid®. The tendering platform for transport jobs was created, to optimise contract business for the entire transport chain Europe-wide. The platform simplifies business between freight forwarders, logistics as well as industry and trade companies and makes it more productive and transparent.

In September 2012 Europe's largest warehousing exchange was launched as a logical extension to TimoCom's product portfolio. Here companies have access to up to 30,000 tailor-made warehousing and logistics spaces.

Just one year later came TC eMap®, a route planning and calculation solution with an integrated locating function. The tracking solution shows all conventional telematics systems in a single platform. That establishes trust and saves valuable time.

The youngest milestone is TC Login. With this access integrated in the transport barometer app, customers have a mobile access to their TimoCom account. This way you can use your contracted TimoCom platforms anywhere.

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