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"We are there when the going gets tough!"

Lawyer Alexander Oebel

Director Debt Collection & Legal Affairs

Lawyer Alexander Oebel, Director Debt Collection & Legal Affairs, TimoCom

Our collection service is worth your money!

Unreliable customers are a danger to any company. Therefore, our TimoCom lawyer Alexander Oebel and his team will take action if you have trouble with tardy payers. They support TimoCom customers with out-of-court collection of unpaid receivables. In 2016, for example, they were able to help 89% of all creditors to successfully recover their claims.

Our debt collection department also has a very special side effect: many bad seeds are deterred in advance from using the TimoCom transport platform and do not even attempt to become a member.

Together we reach our goal.

  • Debt collection service since 2003 (with official authorisation)
  • Expert advice and support
  • Assistance from native speaking employees
  • Quick and systematic collection of unsettled payments

Make the most of our debt collection service. In the case of success, the processing fee of €20,00 is considered part of the performance-related bonus for our debt collection service concurrent with the German legal guidelines for such charges.

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This is how our CashCare service works.

Infographic CashCare - This way we reach our common goal.

You will find detailed information on how our debt collection service works in this PDF document.

TimoCom CashCare seal: Give your receivables more emphasis and impact!

Give your receivables more emphasis and impact!

Failure to receive payments on time can quickly present a real threat to the survival of a business. However, there is no need for a situation to reach this point: you can use the TimoCom CashCare seal to back up your calls for payment. Simply incorporate the seal in your company communication.

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Debt collection – Success story

It is a good feeling not being alone.

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