Privacy Policy

By giving consent, I present myself to potential business partners as a legitimate and verified company.   

I agree that TIMOCOM GmbH may share my data (address, VAT number, commercial register, name) and information about the solvency of my company (such as creditworthiness, EU licence, transport insurance, MiLog confirmation) or obtain it from official registers or the SCHUNCK GROUP as an insurance confirmation. This is for checks to ensure general platform security and for future transactions with platform participants in the spot market business. I can decide when, how, and by whom my company verification can be documented. My documents will only be stored in TIMOCOM's own databases. They will remain there even if access is granted to service providers during the verification process. I understand that I have the option to withdraw this consent at any time in the future without providing any reasons. TIMOCOM informs me that I have the right to information, correction, deletion, restriction of processing, data portability (Articles 15-21 of the GDPR), as well as the right to complain to a supervisory authority (Article 77 of the GDPR). 

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