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2016-03-07 - On 1 April 2016, Belgium introduces the new toll system Viapass and therefore leaves the Eurovignette-joint. The most important changes: It will be more expensive and more complicated. The times when you could buy the EUROVIGNETTE via a mouse click online or get one just at the filling station for €8, these times are over. Not only costs will rise but also the number of toll roads and vehicles. Belgium is a very important transit country for Western Europe and that is why, in double sense, you cannot avoid it. 

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Erkrath, 2016-02-29 - In the previous business year, 2015, TimoCom once again fortified their position as Europe's largest transport platform. More than 110,000 users enter/publish up to half a million freight and vehicle offers daily. Projected over the entirety of last year, that means: 68.1 million offers published via our platform in 2015. Not only that, but also the company value was increased by awards such as 'Best Brand 2015' as well as the 'connect-Award' from telematics giant TomTom. Our newly introduced TimoCom Messenger is also a success: already over 700,000 messages have been sent using the service. 

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For every one of our customers who is using the platform every day and in particular TC Truck&Cargo®, we would like to remind you of a small feature which makes searching for available loads quicker.

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Erkrath, 2016-01-06 – The economic climate cooled off significantly at the turn of the year as a result of faltering economic data in Europe, the refugee crisis and pessimistic shippers which also had an impact on the TimoCom transport barometer. The freight to vehicle ratio was 46:54 in the fourth quarter and therefore remained well below expectations even though the final quarter started off positively.

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