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Storage solutions that meet your needs

You want to make optimal use of your warehousing space? Or are in need of storage space for your goods? We have the solution for you: we offer a warehousing exchange as part of our Smart Logistics System. It is by far the largest B2B network offering the most and most varied storage space in Europe – at no extra charge. You, the system user, automatically have access to more than 9,000 warehousing and logistics spaces across 46 European countries. Depending on your needs, you can submit or view storage space offers and connect directly to potential business partners.

“Discovering TIMOCOM's warehousing exchange was a real stroke of luck for our company”

How a freight forwarding company from Bavaria found a new warehouse with the click of a button

The freight forwarding company Gematrans from Nuremberg was facing a challenge: after 30 years of using the same warehousing space, they had to find new storage within a very short time period. The logistics and transport company, with daily shipments from and to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, had to find a solution quickly and without expending too much effort while business was still running.

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A sample of warehousing offers: Great Britain

Use the warehousing exchange in the Smart Logistics System.

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