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We find freight transport at short notice via TIMOCOM’s freight exchange. We also actively approach hauliers and freight forwarders to quickly find matching transport providers with available capacities. The freight exchange makes it much easier to search for cargo space and freight forwarding companies, which saves us a lot of time.

We use TIMOCOM's System to assign jobs to freight forwarders, which means we don’t have to purchase or maintain our own vehicles. If we post an offer for transport to France, it takes less than a minute for someone to accept the offer and agree to the transport. With TIMOCOM, we have access to many more contacts than we otherwise would have. It’s a win-win for everyone. We find someone to transport the freight and our business partners are able to find work and reduce empty runs.

Trade fair news:

Keep an eye on your shipments with TIMOCOM’s shipment tracking, which allows you to receive up-to-date information on the status of your shipment directly within your TMS.


  • Transparency: shipment tracking gives you the ability to provide information to your customers at any time, including shipment status, expected arrival time, and GPS data transfer.
  • Reduce risks: react to any problems immediately, and keep your customers informed.
  • Efficiency: optimise your processes by digitalising communication with your business partners and allowing for a direct exchange of documents.

Freight exchange expansion: the Smart Logistics System now allows you, the transport customer, to receive price proposals for freight offers.


  • Transparency: view all proposed prices for an offer at a glance, including a clear overview and simplified comparison feature.
  • Efficiency: save time and take advantage of the best prices, all without having to switch between computer programs.
  • Security: make sound decisions based on familiar TIMOCOM IDs and documents attached directly to the price proposal.
  • Integrity: improve compliance by transparently communicating who has won the bid to all bidders.
  • Efficacy: the freight exchange interface allows you to directly import service provider data into your TMS.

Provides a direct connection between your TMS and TIMOCOM’s freight exchange, allowing you to create or search for freight and vehicle offers within your own TMS.


  • Efficiency: finding freight and vehicle offers faster saves you valuable time and money.
  • Efficacy: make intelligent use of existing data from your TMS for automatic search queries.
  • Performance: get more search results faster thanks to automated updates.
  • Convenience: find freight and vehicle offers in your TMS without the need to switch between programs.
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