The TIMOCOM system: simple and easy transports

How WEMAS Absperrtechnik GmbH speeds up transport orders digitally

As a market leader for integrated, certified street barrier technology, WEMAS makes use of the TIMOCOM Smart Logistics System. Within just eight months, the company was able to assign 2,221 orders to 855 transport service providers using the TC Transport Order® application. Up until that point, WEMAS had used a main freight forwarder, but the company was not happy with their work and Logistics Director Stefan Watzlawek decided to start using TIMOCOM. 

“Digital order completion offers us two basic advantages,” says Watzlawek. According to him, digitalisation keeps his company competitive and keeps the amount of paper they use low.” TIMOCOM applications significantly speed up assignment and processing for our transport orders,” says Watzlawek regarding some of the advantages. But the main advantage, he says, is the transport order archiving function. 

WEMAS Absperrtechnik GmbH

At WEMAS, 130 employees are responsible for selling and distributing barrier technology to wholesalers and traders. The company has specialised in the manufacture and sale of high quality products for ensuring safety at construction and civil engineering work sites.

“We would also love to see the option of matching invoices and proof of work to the relevant transport order,” he says, when asked to provide a suggestion to the TIMOCOM IT Department. His reasoning: “If we could do that, all the information for the yearly audit would be in a single central location – that would save time, and would really add value.” But searching through file folders is already part of the past, thanks to the archiving options.

The digital order completion integrated into the system has significantly increased efficiency. Using the application minimises the effort required for organising and finding files. It also means there is no subsystem required for order completion and more than 130,000 TIMOCOM users cannot forget to add important information to their transport orders thanks to the madatory fields.

At a coaching session on-site, Stefan Watzlawek and his colleagues learnt more about the features available in TC Transport Order®. For example, his co-worker Mr. Döring was unaware of the business directory. “I can use it, for example, to find freight forwarders with vehicles that have a portable forklift.” He was also impressed by the storage space search: he found ten suitable spaces immediately. The session provided information on two other important topics: order tracking, in order to reduce the communication required with the service provider during the transport, and assigning regular routes. The route tender turned up five freight forwarders that can be hired regularly in the future. A mailing list will be used to request quotes from the freight forwarders and assign the order.

Döring had three requests for the coaching team: on the one hand, freight forwarders often request WEMAS send them their VAT ID via e-mail – but it could be easily added to the order using a new field. “As we have already had this request from a number of customers, we plan to add the transport customer’s VAT ID next to the company name in the order notes,” says the TIMOCOM coaching team. Not only that, driving bans are an ever-present issue at WEMAS; the team was able to direct them to the existing TIMOCOM TruckBan application for international truck driving bans. And finally, Döring hopes to be able to add a shipping address to the company directory in order to transfer it automatically to the order form.

During the busy seasons, Döring will be able to save thirty minutes each day as soon as the interface between Navision – the program that WEMAS uses to record their orders – and TC Transport Order® is in place. And then, with a single click, a transport order can become a freight offer.

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