MEM BAU Srl. was founded as a family company in 2005. The company is already one of the most important on the Romanian market. As a brand dealership for large construction material companies, they sell more than 10,000 types of products.

In 2013, the company started a new branch, MEM BAU Express, which, thanks to an excellent team of specialists, has become a dynamically developing freight forwarding company. The main profile is national and international haulage, the quality and high performance of which is guaranteed by a vehicle fleet that is constantly expanding.

We asked Kitti Hatvani, logistics manager, about our TIMOCOM international debt collection.

TC: When did you start using our debt collection service?

HK: We found out about the debt collection service when we signed a TIMOCOM contract in 2013. After six months, we asked TIMOCOM's debt collection department to help with a specific case, with the result that we received the money we were owed. There are several companies that we only receive payment from after using the debt collection service, but we work with them because we know they will eventually pay their debts.

TC: Would you consider the cooperation a big success, or do you maybe have a concrete success story to share?

HK: We consider every debt collected with the help from the international debt collection service to be a success story. But I would like to highlight one case which I would consider a partial success story, as the contract with the partner in question was cancelled before we were able to collect the entire amount; nevertheless, we were able to collect 65% of the total within 2 months, that is more than 6000€, with your help.

TC: What is your experience with our services?

HK: A transport job that is not paid for is worthless. That is why it is extremely important to us that the platforms we use have a department that eases collection of unpaid invoices. Our company is completely satisfied with the international debt collection service from TIMOCOM, and I recommend that TIMOCOM customers make use of it! It gives the company a feeling of security; with TIMOCOM, you know you are in good hands.

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