Mega Pol Trans

Mega Pol Trans uses the TIMOCOM international debt collection

Transport completed, unpaid invoice

Eliza Wyrwich works in the accounts department at "Mega Pol Trans" in Pila. "When money is involved it is never boring. On the contrary. We assume that once a transport service has been provided and the goods have been delivered, payment of the completed service will be done within the agreed payment period, which is very long already. This is, however, not always the case", states Wyrwich. Unsettled payments represent a big problem for transport companies. A company's ongoing costs are very high and many incidents of this type can, in worst case, drive the company to financial problems and even bankruptcy. "One has to evaluate the situation in detail before taking court action: the costs incurred are not small and the process is long. We are pleased to work for our customers and take care of our business relationships but we are not charity and like every other company expect our work to be paid. First thing we do is call or write an e-mail asking for our invoice to be settled. If this does not help we engage TIMOCOM's international debt collection service. We have a lot of experience working with TIMOCOM because there are some months when we have to send multiple debt collection orders to TIMOCOM. We highly appreciate this service, especially since the success rate lies at almost 86 percent. Furthermore, it is a question of costs: if the sum is high and the case can be solved outside of court then it is worth using this possibility. This way we save time and money. If the sum is low, the more it is in our interest to avoid any court actions and extra costs. Since TIMOCOM's international debt collection service is not expensive, it is the optimal way to collect overdue receivables or obtain information on the chances of a successful outcome", says Wyrwich.

Helpful cooperation with TIMOCOM

TIMOCOM international debt collection, lead by TIMOCOM's lawyer Alexander Oebel, is engaged when either the payment period has been exceeded or all the customer's efforts have not achieved a positive result. The team maintains a close contact with the creditor, so he can directly see the progress concerning the situation. Swift action, access to a large pool of information and the experience of TIMOCOM's international debt collection either allow the claim to be collected quickly or determine the best action to take. "This is very important because receivables management is a significant part of a company's activity. It is not worth taking care of this oneself. The price for not dedicating the necessary time or lack of knowledge to deal with such situations can be high.

Consequences for default payers

The effectiveness of TIMOCOM's international debt collection service is based on a simple mechanism: when despite payment reminders from the contracting party and efforts on behalf of TIMOCOM the debtor is still not willing to settle the claim, access to the TIMOCOM platform is withdrawn. This is in the interest of more than 135,000 TIMOCOM users. TIMOCOM gives great importance to fairness and honesty in business and considers this measure to ensure the required behaviour within the transport platform. In the end, this consequence helps preserve the high standards of the TIMOCOM platform.

The transport platform has an international character. For Ms Wyrwich this is very important because unpleasant financial matters are dealt with by experts – in the corresponding language and without having to engage a foreign lawyer. "TIMOCOM international debt collection is like an extra department at Mega Trans Pol, which makes sure that financial matters are taken care of as they should", she explains. Ms Wyrwich finishes her working day at approx. 4 p.m. but still has a lot in mind that must be completed as well as the following day's schedule – there is no rest in the transport sector. Thanks to TIMOCOM's international debt collection service at least she has one problem less to deal with.

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