Karzol Trans

Karzol-Trans was founded in 1997 and the management has more than 20 years of experience with national and international transport. The company, based in Hungary, is privately owned by Hungarians. They have a location in Monor featuring a fully equipped vehicle repair base suitable for maintenance and repair of cars and commercial vehicles, including a car wash and a body repair workshop. Not only that, there is an AS24 petrol station available at the location. The company focuses on international transport of food and frozen products, and specialises in high quality dispatch of sensitive technical items. They mainly transport to western and southern Europe, but are happy to take on jobs in all European Union Member States.

In our article, we spoke with Zoltán Joós, Jr., one of the Karzol-Trans owners.

TC: Could you describe a case in which a business problem was successfully solved mostly thanks to TIMOCOM's international debt collection services?

IJZ: One of our partners was refusing to fulfil their obligations, saying that we had not handed over any interchangeable palettes when completing the transport job. Our employees responsible for transport could not reach an agreement with them even after a lot of back and forth. The contract did not require us to hand over interchangeable palettes. After TIMOCOM stepped in, they were prepared to pay off the entire cost of the transport.

TC: How do you find our services? What opinion do you have about them?

IJZ: We have a contact person just for our company. This person helps us to follow-up on older cases and to process new jobs. The cooperation is excellent. Our messages are always answered within 1-2 days. For difficult debt collection cases, they also send suggestions on how to solve a case as quickly as possible.

TC: Would you recommend TIMOCOM's international debt collection services to other companies?

IJZ: Yes, because it saves us a lot of additional work and legal bother. The number of invoices unpaid after 30 days has dropped dramatically.

Our debt collection service is worth it!

Customers who cannot be relied upon to make prompt payments are a risk for all companies. Our TIMOCOM lawyer Alexander Oebel and his team leap into action to solve problems caused by late payments. The team is available to all TIMOCOM customers for help in collecting open payments outside of the court room; last year, receivables were recovered with an efficiency of 89% (2017).

In addition, our Receivables Recovery Department has an extra effect: we try to prevent problematic companies from using our software; some bad seeds simply do not want to register with us!

Why not try out our debt collection service? We charge a € 20.00 processing fee, and a fee based on current German regulations only if we are successful.

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