Hermes Forwards Srl.

TC: Could you describe a case in which a business problem was successfully solved thanks to TIMOCOM’s international debt collection service?

Csaba Török: We could mention a variety of success stories, the success rate is 93.75 % exactly. We have many cases where the amount collected, with your help, was over 10,000 Euro. As our cooperation continued, my colleagues have learnt to work with your employees – this helped us to close a few disputed cases quicker and with better efficiency. Of course, the full amount is not always paid at once, but instead comes in instalments, but we still consider that a success.

TC: How do you decide that a disputed case is beyond your means and that you have to rely on TIMOCOM’s international debt collection service to solve it? And how does our debt collection service present solutions that help avoid long-winded court cases?

Csaba Török: We send any case that has exceeded the payment deadline by 30 days and in which we have no information about payment, to the international debt collection department. We ask for their help particularly when it comes to international partners, as the international team works more efficiently in other countries. We really consider the quick and efficient process, as well as transparent, concrete quick communication on various issues an additional service.

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