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TIMOCOM ID 1557 / TIMOCOM customer since 2000

"Our courage shone through"

In the beginning: horse and cart

It is only five kilometres from Kerkwijk to Nederhemert. Warmth. Sun. Summer. The gravel crunches under the wheels of the coach. The horse gallops along. Aart Vos enjoys transporting goods. Today, he got an early start. So there is no need to rush. The milk jugs for the butter factory rattle quietly at the back of the wagon. He counts them in his head. There are only sixteen. “ I want to transport more than that!“ he thinks, and purchases two Model T Fords. With that, he started his own small messenger service in 1926.

Over 90 years of Vos Transport Zaltbommel

Only 50 metres to go to the entrance.

Fog. And the sun peeking out behind it. Traffic jam. A long row of trucks. There’s a lot happening. Stress. Behind the gates at Gebrüder Vos Transport Zaltbommel, business is in full swing. Here, goods are transported, stored and turned over.

Arjan Vos is the most recent CEO. He opens the doors. Company owned warehouse. Company owned car wash. Company owned garage. Full speed ahead. Typing. Telephone ringing. The dispatchers are at work in their offices.

No paper. No pens. No fax machines. Giant modern computer screens. Here, the TIMOCOM transport platform is used to assign freight to vehicle space in seconds. Routes are planned. Documents handled digitally. Welcome to 2018.

What was once a passion with horse and cart is now a large company covering 27,000m². Young Aart Vos would be surprised. The 3rd and 4th generations were just as courageous as he was. They contributed significantly to the development of digitalisation in the logistics industry. They still proudly tell the story of their origins, where it all began, and what it is like today.

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