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TIMOCOM ID 17499 / TIMOCOM customer since 2002

"A crisis is also an opportunity"

Crisis. Loss. Give up.

Consider everything, except hope. Belgium lost a lot of money in the economic crisis between 2009 and 2013. Private households are also effected. Fear. Loss. But also ambition. Those who showed courage were proven correct. And the transport industry was no different.

Opportunity. Profit. Keep going.


On the highway, for the second time, a truck labelled ‘ULEX’ drives past. Belgium. The centre of Europe. Where Germany, the Benelux states and France meet. A convenient location. In the middle of Eupen. The ULEX transport company is located here.

Roger Müller has been the CEO since 2009. From unknown to respected. From crisis, opportunity. Several trucks are waiting to be loaded or unloaded. Extra long goods. General cargo. Heavy transports. Special transports. Express. A large fleet. A company owned freight forwarder in the building.

Without the unlikely high motivation displayed by ULEX employees, the company would likely remain obscure. If they were not so committed, there is no way the company could offer so many services. GPS, tracking, e-mail and messenger instead of post. Roger Müller does not want to do anything else. He is very passionate about his pioneering business story.

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