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TIMOCOM customer since: April 2001 / TIMOCOM ID: 9305 / Road haulier

"We consider the freight exchange to be extremely comprehensive and perfect for the shipments we make. We often look for freights which do not have to be transported from or to Spain. TC Truck&Cargo® is ideal for this and there are now up to 450,000 international offers each day. It is also very useful to be able to enter and search for specific vehicle and body types as we often have to enter special vehicles. We also find the huge, current database, TC Profile®, to be extremely helpful with full company profiles and addresses from the transport and logistics industry. It is practically priceless. Our TIMOCOM ID is 9305. This is a very low number compared to new customers and shows that we have been in the business for a very long time. It is extremely valuable for the users and it is a sign of security and reliability. This means that we enjoy a great deal of trust from new business contacts."

Javier Campos Iñarra

OWEG Transport S.A.
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