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TIMOCOM ID 17369 / TIMOCOM customer since 2002

"You have to act when the time is right"

Work with England at some point

The war is over. Hunger. Heat. Nothing to drink. Mr. Mattheeuws patches together parts from old military vehicles. Horse and carriage is too slow. Coal trade. The transport business begins. Denmark. Spain. Great Britain. Italy. Why not England? Start a real company. Follow your own goals.

"Ich möchte viel mehr transportieren!“, denkt er sich und kauft zwei T-Fords. Damit gründet er seinen eigenen kleinen Botendienst 1926."

The dream of England becomes a reality

Years later. One idea. One goal. Property in Veurne. Eric Mattheeuws followed his grandfather’s passion. He works not just with, but also in England. The headquarters are located in Veurne, Belgium. For him, his logistics company is no longer a dream.

The view from the office: Mattheeuws Eric Transport buildings can be seen for a kilometre in each direction. Dispatch. Customs. Account managing. Digital processes. 20 years. Warehousing. LNG petrol stations. A company owned Truckstop. The company grows from year to year.

Transparency. Honesty. These are the values that distinguish Mattheeuws Eric Transport. A network of partners in the logistics industry. Fair prices. The option to approach one another digitally if there is difficulty making payments. These days, a necessity.

Eric Mattheeuws reveals the secrets of a growing company and how it all began in his pioneer story.

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