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TIMOCOM customer since: December 2006 / TIMOCOM ID: 84766 / Road haulier

"It is important that the exchange has plenty of offers. And this is most definitely the case with the freight exchange. Here you can access up to 450,000 international freight and vehicle offers each day from 100,000 users which ensures that we almost always find what we are looking for. The data in the TC Truck&Cargo® is also always up-to-date which means that our employees can allocate orders directly. We can continue to work professionally even if routes are changed at short notice thanks to the easy-to-use platform. If we find a suitable business partner, we are able to clarify the transport details and establish a good basis for negotiation as a result of the wide range of offers. The programme therefore improves efficiency."

Ivaylo Ivanov
Managing Director

Maranata Logistik OOD
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