Give your receivables more emphasis and impact!

Failure to receive payments on time can quickly present a real threat to the survival of a business. However, there is no need for a situation to reach this point: you can use the TimoCom CashCare seal to back up your calls for payment. Simply incorporate the seal in your company communication.

    Your benefit

  • Give your calls for payment greater emphasis and impact.
  • Access these benefits through the international receivables management service by TimoCom.
  • Enjoy the benefits of international expertise, fast results and efficient service delivery.
  • Seize the opportunity of an above-average success rate in excess of 85%1,2
  • 1 When appointing the TimoCom CashCare debt collection service 2 By way of comparison: the out-of-court success rate of debt collection services averages just over 50% (

    Incorporate the TimoCom CashCare seal free of charge, for example on your

  • invoices
  • reminders
  • company website pages
  • e-mail signatures

You can also find further information about our TimoCom CashCare debt collection service at

By using the TimoCom-authorised html source code and the logos, you indicate your consent with the following agreement.

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The TimoCom CashCare seal: Give your payment claims greater emphasis and impact

Agreement governing the digital TimoCom CashCare seal

  1. TimoCom provides the service recipient with the TimoCom CashCare seal as a logo to incorporate in invoices, reminders, e-mail signatures and as html code for incorporation and display on the website, and does so free of charge. The service recipient may just be a company / businessman that has an ongoing relationship with TimoCom and holds an active TimoCom ID.
  2. The seal helps to support the process of collecting unpaid receivables and is intended to speed up the credit control, i.e. the payment, process.
  3. This agreement ceases to apply without further declaration from TimoCom in cases where:
    1. the seal is not used in the intended manner or is not displayed in the form shown below;
    2. the service recipient tampers with or changes the source code in any way;
    3. the seal is used on websites or in documents that may in some way be detrimental to TimoCom itself and/or the services of TimoCom, that may infringe rights relating to intangible assets belonging to TimoCom or that infringe legislative requirements or codes of decent conduct.
  4. If the service recipient infringes one of the terms or conditions from Clause 3, TimoCom expressly reserves the right to apply appropriate compensation claims.
  5. The parties are entitled at any time to terminate this agreement to the 15th or to the end of any month without having to state grounds for so doing. In all cases, the right of use lapses at the end of the business relationship between the service recipient and TimoCom.
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