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Department diversity at TIMOCOM

As a professional or young professional, as a direct hire out of university or someone with initial job experience, you can apply to be part of one of our departments. We are always looking for active support in all company areas. Read more about the areas in question and the exciting challenges that await you here.


In our full service in-house development department we handle the entire product range in all phases of product development: strategic design, professional planning, technical architecture, information implementation, quality assurance, operations and lasting support. For us, work does not end after the product is released - we observe the success of the product, analyse the market and collect feedback directly from the customer in order to deliver exactly what they expect from us. We represent all IT technical disciplines - and we all enjoy our jobs.

Current IT vacancies

“At TIMOCOM, we do not just work on any old application. We work to digitalise transport logistics. This is my goal as a product manager and the goal of all my co-workers. And I am convinced that we will achieve this goal together.”

Philipp, Portfolio Manager


As communication specialists, we are responsible for the strategic and operative guidance of the TIMOCOM brand, both internally and externally. Ensuring that our company and our products are well known throughout Europe and to all target groups is a big job, one that drives us every day. We market the TIMOCOM system in 46 European countries and 24 European languages. The highlight: all experts are actually on site - communications, PR, design, social media, media buying, web development and project management. Not only that, we have a Country Manager for each of our top markets, to direct country specific marketing campaigns.

Current Marketing vacancies

“No question, the coolest thing about my job is the people. I get out of bed every morning to support my friends and co-workers; I really believe that loyalty and team spirit are essential in a company. You can earn money anywhere, the really important thing is to know why you go to work and who you work with.”

Christos, Manager Marketing Investment

Sales & Customer Success

No customers, no profit. For this simple reason, we created our high quality sales team. They are not just the spearhead for international new customer acquisition, they are also a partner that platform users can rely on. In Customer Care, pre and after sales, we transform new customers into long-term members of our digital network. Not only that, key account management is available to our major logistics customers, while trade & industry is the central point of contact for production and manufacturing companies. We round out our service by supporting interfaces for telematic and transport management systems, creating optimal conditions for everyone in the transport industry. Plus, our specialists are available every day to ensure security for all customers and potential new customers.

Current Sales & Customer Success vacancies

“I love watching when something just works, and how much the team loves it. Plus, we always have time to chat while we work - that’s very important, after all, we aren’t robots. And it’s great to watch as individuals succeed and also fantastic when people exceed their own expectations.”

Sonja, Head of Customer Service & Sales Support

Human Resources

In Human Resources, our goal as a strategic partner is to actively contribute to company success. We do this in particular by concentrating on the fields of action personnel strategy, employer branding, recruiting and talent development. We create added value for our employees and applicants by always lending a sympathetic ear and responding to their needs and interests.

Current Human Resources vacancies

“I really enjoy being there for every employee and I love seeing that they feel comfortable here and enjoy coming to work. Plus, it’s exciting to work on projects that promote even more well-being and employee satisfaction. And I always find it interesting to watch as employees learn and grow. It’s the story of every employee that makes this job so interesting.”

Tanja, HR Development & Trainees

General Management

TIMOCOM is an owner-run mid-sized business that cultivates a family atmosphere. It is not uncommon for the family to sit down to a relaxing lunch with their employees. It goes without saying that in this tight-knit environment, proactive discussions and decisions are part of day to day business. The Corporate Development department provides strategic support. In addition to all important company business, our management is committed to ensuring that everyone feels at home here and enjoys coming to work.

Current General Management vacancies

“Every day is different, so it’s never boring. Cooperating on various tasks with the different departments is just great. I usually get to see every employee over the course of the year. I find it fascinating that everyone is so different, but at the same time, without exception, every single one of them is willing to help out. Every day I get to experience successes, whether big or small, that help keep me going.”

Sarah, Assistant to the Management Board


Finance is focused on money and incorporates accounting, finance, controlling and risk management. The focus in accounting is creation of monthly and yearly reports for various companies. Contract billing is another important part of the department. Controlling creates company plans and writes important reports for corporate management. The finance sector takes care of liquidity and has an eye on risk management, evaluating risks on a departmental and corporate scale, and introducing risk minimising measures.

Current Finance vacancies

“We take care of everything related to payments. Over the course of my time here, my colleagues have really become an important part of my life. We all support each other and work together to find creative solutions. We often hang out together after work. I head to work with a smile on my face, as I’m going to meet friends and the work is interesting.

Vitus, Controller

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Sonderdruck TIMOCOM JavaMagazin 16 - Philip Stroh und Martin Hermes

The German article “Apache Cassandra im Projekteinsatz” in Java Magazine, written by our developers Martin Hermes and Philip Stroh.

Download article (PDF, 6.6 MB)

Sonderdruck TIMOCOM JavaMagazin 9-17 - Hendrik Brinkmann und Philip Stroh

The German article “Pipeline as Code mit Jenkins 2 - Der Praxischeck” in Java Magazine, written by our developers Hendrik Brinkmann and Philip Stroh.

Download article (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Sonderdruck TIMOCOM JavaMagazin 16 - Philip Stroh und Martin Hermes

The German article “Das JavaScript-Ökosystem - Die wichtigsten Tools, Trends und Frameworks” in Java Magazine, written by our developer Philip Stroh.

Download article (PDF, 6.6 MB)

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