TIMOCOM Augmented Logistics

TIMOCOM’s new brand identity

The logistics industry is transforming. So is TIMOCOM. We have a new vision and mission for our future and our industry. This new strategic direction is reflected in our new image.

What would you like to know?

The logo, the slogan and the transport platform designation are changing. However, blue will still be our colour.
The logistics industry is transforming, and so is TIMOCOM. We connect customers and contractors, machines and systems, data and added value. We integrate with our customer’s processes, from initiation to execution. All that and more is part of our new TIMOCOM logo.
The new logo will be introduced at our IAA 2018 stand in Hanover on 20.9. After that, it will take us some time to switch everything over. You might still see our old logo here and there.
Our mission is to make logistics smart, safe and simple. Our new slogan, Augmented Logistics, is a short and snappy summary of that goal. Augmented, of course, means expanded, improved, strengthened, enlarged, increased. It fits in perfectly with what we do. After all, every development TIMOCOM comes up with ensures that our user’s work day is smarter, safer and simpler. We expand and improve our customer’s options - and therefore the entire logistics industry - to ensure they are even more successful. In other words: Augmented Logistics is the expansion of the logistics industry using smart, safe and simple solutions to meet the daily challenges faced by TIMOCOM customers.
We are proud to continue offering our users all the benefits of Europe’s largest freight exchange. At the same time, TIMOCOM has been more than just a freight exchange or a platform that focuses solely on transport for quite some time now. TIMOCOM is the sum total of a variety of different applications, services and interfaces, as well as a network of more than 50,000 verified companies. These individual pieces fit into a network that allows them to work together systematically. Which is why we are following suit with our communication; we are taking the next logical step. TIMOCOM is Europe’s first Smart Logistics System.
No. Existing contracts or agreements will remain the same. And you can still contact us and access TIMOCOM the same way.
Yes. TIMOCOM Soft- und Hardware GmbH is becoming TIMOCOM GmbH - our legal form remains the same. At the same time, our address changes to Timocom Platz 1 in 40699 Erkrath.

You have a question not covered here? Then please get in touch with our corporate communication.


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