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For industry & trade customers – TC eBid®
With the verified service providers our goods reach their destination reliably.

Tender management – think of tomorrow, today!The platform for Europe-wide transport tenders!

As a tendering company, with TC eBid® you can reach per online tender a logistics network of over 36,000 verified companies from all across Europe.

Get your business in shape for the upturn!

With TC eBid® you can now secure the resources for the improved economic times ahead.

Your advantages:

  • Useful tool for determining market prices
  • Get in contact with a logistics network of over 36,000 verified companies
  • Planning reliability through long-term transport contracts
  • Reduce costs with tender management
  • Tender your transport jobs wherever you are via the transport barometer app
  • Your data are "Hosted in Germany"

The entire tendering process is simple and efficient:
Outdated address directories or protracted telephone calls are a thing of the past for all those involved.

Included free of charge in TC eBid®:

Contact now!

Discover here how many service providers there are in TC eBid® for your tender... search for service providers
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