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TimoCom supports the recommendations of the IRU

Guidelines should make the use of freight exchanges easier for transport business

TIMOCOM Press release – Always up to date

From left to right: Peter Cullum (Vice President CTM), Marcel Frings (Chief Representative TimoCom) and Pere Padrosa (IRU Vice President, ASTIC, Spain - President CTM)

Geneva, 2013-12-10 – The economical and ecological advantages of using a freight and vehicle exchange are clearly obvious to both the transport service provider and business partner. However, providers and users are also confronted with challenges and risks that are only apprehended and discussed by the International Road and Transport Union (IRU). The 170 members from 74 countries participated in the IRU Goods Transport Council (CTM) on 7 November in Geneva, to adopt guidelines for a secure handling with freight exchanges. TimoCom Chief Representative, Marcel Frings, gave a profound insight into the complex issue during his presentation and introduced an extensive security packet.

Commitment for clean business

The analysis of the global association for road transport shows, that an increasing number of freight exchanges are being used in order to reduce empty runs and underused vehicle space. These types of online platforms greatly simplify the hectic day-to-day planning, help reduce costs and increase turnover. The transport industry is characterised by a high competitive pressure which makes it hard for many companies to have financial reserves. So "black sheep", attempts of fraud or even organised crimes should not have a chance, all those involved in the transport should protect themselves from false or invalid documents, non-received payments and of cargo theft. IRU Vice President Pere Padrosa explains: "Freight exchanges are a reality; however, there are certain risks for the user and a lack of information on how to deal with these risks. This is why we have developed guidelines on business opportunities, challenges, possible unfair business practices and general security measures by freight exchange users." 


Trust is good, but control is better

During the meeting in Geneva, Marcel Frings (TimoCom) spoke about the challenges and possibilities of freight exchanges. On behalf of the IT company, Marcel Frings presented TimoCom's multi-level security system. With up to 450,000 freight and vehicle offers daily, the company established in 1997 sets high standards concerning security. This includes, among others, detailed and constant verification of all customers and business documents before access to the platform is granted, competent legal advice in critical cases as well as a sophisticated IT system with security access. "Our motto is 'Trust is good, but control is better' and we are very proud to be able to more than fulfil the criteria of the IRU", summarises the Chief Representative after presentation. The first step to a secure use of freight exchanges is accomplished through the adoption and publication of guidelines. Subsequently, the recommendations must be heeded - only this way can the risks be kept low.


More information on TimoCom at www.timocom.co.uk. You can find the “Guidelines for the safe use of freight exchanges“ of the IRU at www.iru.org.


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