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TimoCom supports school project for more road safety

Safe to school and "out of the blind spot"

Dusseldorf, 2011-08-23. The summer holidays are over in most states and school bags are being stuffed with books. The first challenge before the school bell rings in the morning is the way to school. However, road traffic holds many risks. With the campaign "Raus aus dem Toten Winkel", the charity "Round Table" contributes to better education in terms of accident prevention. Hereby, the Dusseldorf IT service provider TimoCom supports them in the long term.

Strange. Where have they all gone? Is that a magic mirror?“ – Jana (8 years) marvels. She was the first to jump into the driver's cabin of the truck that is parked in the yard today. Her whole class had just lined up on the right and in front – and now they were suddenly all gone. Only a day before, her teacher had talked about this "blind spot" in general knowledge class. Now everyone could experience for themselves that a truck driver really can't see anyone who is in the blind spot. Not even a class of 30 children.

Jana and her classmates already knew that you have to stop at the red light, look left and right before crossing the road and also look back when turning. But "that thing with the truck and the blind spot" was new to them. Although there are many kids who don't take the bus, but walk or ride their bike to school. On the way to school something like this can easily happen: a bike rider is waiting at the traffic light behind or next to a truck. The traffic light turns green, the truck turns right while the bike rider wants to go straight. The bike rider is in the blind spot and collides with the truck. In the worst case the blind spot then leads to a fatal accident. According to Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat e.V. in four out of six of such accidents children are run over by trucks turning right.

The members of the international charity "Round Table" are fathers themselves and want to uncover that risk behind the blind spot. For this purpose a simple concept for action days at primary schools has been developed. First, the topic is covered in class. For the practical part of the events "Round Table" books a truck including a driver to come to the yard. On this occasion the entire class stands in the blind spot and then each child goes into the driver's cabin individually to see for themselves that no one can see the other children from this position. As homework, everyone receives a cardboard stand-up display of a truck which they can use to re-play what they've learned. In 2010 55,000 pupils were educated that way and in 2011 material for 100,000 children was already circulating.

As TimoCom sends countless trucks out to the streets with its European market leading freight and vehicle exchange, it's the IT service provider's wish to contribute to more road safety by supporting "Raus aus dem Toten Winkel". "With TimoCom's donation, we will further develop the project and also keep the costs low, so that the project can continue to be conducted and the kids can learn in a playful way how to behave safely on the road." – says the project's press contact Thilo Jantz.

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