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Barefoot or patent leather shoes?

TimoCom's transport barometer beyond good and evil in second quarter

Dusseldorf, 2012-07-05. "Same procedure as every year", however on a lower level – that is how the freight - vehicle ratio can be summarised in the second quarter of 2012.  After a modest start to the year TimoCom's transport barometer showed little dynamic development with a freight - vehicle ratio of 56:44 at the end of the quarter. Given these signs, it is not surprising that the transport market was far from reaching the record results of the past two years.

The development under normal circumstances is that at the beginning of the second quarter freight share goes up before it then falls again towards the summer months. This year, however, the signs were slightly different: the weak start to the year still has an impact on the transport market which therefore does not really pick up any speed.

All or nothing?
In April TimoCom's transport barometer indicated a freight share of 57 % across all of Europe which is 15 percentage points below last year's reference results (72 % in 2011). As expected it slightly decreased in May, with TimoCom's transport barometer indicating an average freight - vehicle ratio of 55:45 for all European routes. "We have literally been spoiled in the past two years", TimoCom's Chief Representative Marcel Frings points out, "that is why the freight share which is 12 or 11 percentage points lower this quarter appears bad to us.  However, the current transport barometer result can also be interpreted as a step towards normalisation."
In fact, in the closing month of the second quarter the ratio of freight to available vehicle space was 55:45 again. In contrast to the past years, a further decline in freight share on the transport market followed in May.  This could indicate a consolidation of the market although the fear of an intensification of the crisis still prevails in Europe.  Marcel Frings knows this too: "To be honest, currently only Germany keeps a steady course.  The economic situation in Europe is weakening further but the consequences are not really noticeable in Germany so far. This is also reflected in TimoCom's transport barometer."

Germany remains an exception
For German exports, the freight - vehicle ratio was 62:38 in the second quarter. On all European routes from "All countries" to "All countries", however, TimoCom's transport barometer only indicated a ratio of 56:44.
The intriguing question for the upcoming quarter now is how the economic and political situation is going to develop in different European countries and what impact these decisions are going to have on the transport and logistics industry.

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