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“TIMOCOM is a door that opens out into the world; it is modern, innovative, secure and extremely reliable.”

Cristina Rossi, CEO

ALASKA SRL, founded in 1986, is a service provider specialised in the organisation and execution of road transport for perishable and non-perishable goods. Alaska works as a dispatching agency, making use of third party providers to carry out services. They work almost solely with food, including both fresh and frozen products, and connect northern and southern Europe, a highly valued industry niche.

Alaska Srl

Location: Cesena

Industry: Freight forwarder

Founded: 1986

Smart apps Use Reason
Quote requests
Freight Handling excess freight finding providers for intermediate runs
Vehicle space Purchasing vehicle space
Routes & costs Calculation and visualisation for routes
Transport orders
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Alaska Srl, Cristina Rossi, CEO

3 questions for Cristina Rossi, CEO

1. What challenges did you face before becoming a TIMOCOM member?
“Finding suitable service providers took a lot of time and money. This was partly because we did not have the right technical resources, such as appropriate software, and partly because we were searching from a poor geographic position, which did not make the search any easier.”
2. How could TIMOCOM make a difference?
“Thanks to the TIMOCOM Smart Logistics System, we were able to quickly and efficiently create a network of cooperating partners, expand our areas of operation, work with maximum security, handle seasonal peaks and really focus on meeting the needs of our customers, no matter how challenging.”
3. How does TIMOCOM help you work on a day to day basis?
“TIMOCOM is a door that opens out into the world; it is modern, innovative, secure and extremely reliable.”

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